公司凭借团队的精神和力量,迅速地建立了全国范围内的营销网络。依靠产品的可靠性,价格的合理性,优质的售后服务(意识),受到了国内外专家和用户的好评。其中有中科院(沈阳金属所,武汉物理与数学研究所)、北京化工大学、清华大学、中国石油大学、中国科技大学、宁夏大学、山东大学、济南大学、华南理工大学、北京石油化工学院、北京化工研究院等高校及研究单位(等),这些客户(广泛的认可,)均与我公司建立了长期合作关系。? 我公司将以创新的技术,严谨的工作态度,严格的工艺流程,优质的服务,提高自我标准,努力学习国内外先进的经验,把昆仑永泰的产品质量做得更好,技术含量做的更高。以回报关心,爱护“昆仑永泰”的每一位用户







Company profile

Beijing KLYT Catalysis Science & Technology Co., LTD. is the petroleum chemical industry, biological energy, energy conservation and environmental protection etc research and development of new technology, new technology for micro-reator and medium-sized test device manufacturing company. The headquarters is located in zhongguancun science park haidian district, manufacturing factory is located in zhongguancun changping district, is recognized as a growth industry.

The company has successfully developed various USES of micro-reator and medium-sized test device, including petrochemical, chemical synthesis and the coal chemical every field of testing equipment and equipment; Including general corrosion resistance to sulfur, acid, alkali-resistant, high temperature resistant test apparatus and equipment. (recent success and a number of large companies to develop environmental protection power plant flue gas denitration test device.)

The company relies on team spirit and power, and quickly set up national within the scope of the marketing network. Rely on the reliability of the product, the rationality of the price, the high quality post-sale service (consciousness), by the experts at home and abroad and high reputation from the customers. Among them are the Chinese academy of sciences (Shenyang IMR(Institute of Metal Research), wuhan institute), Beijing university of chemical engineering, tsinghua university, China of Petroleum university, university of science and technology of China, ningxia university, shandong university, jinan university, south China university of science and technology, Beijing petroleum chemical engineering institute, Beijing chemical industry research institute universities and research institutes (etc), these customers (wide acceptance,) are and establish long-term cooperative relationship. Our company will be innovative technology, rigorous work attitude, strict process, quality of service, improve self standard, effort study of the domestic and international advanced experience, the product qualityKLYT do better technology, do more. In return for care, value "KTYT" every user

"With good faith and klyt foresight, peer" is our company perserve, insist to the idea, hope, judges give us a trust, a second chance. We will make it meticulously keep improving, realize the perfect device and equipment delivery, for your research work of the innovation to provide efficient way.

In this, the KLYT people also sincerely thank every use our products and customer care, treasure each of our friends!


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