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ag亚游赢钱方法|注册Hiden Analytical CATLAB20, a new and unique integrated microreactor and mass spectrometer system for the characterisation and evaluation of catalysts or general thermal studies of evolved species. Designed for the most demanding applications, the CATLAB20 is a compact, modular, bench top system featuring precision quadrupole mass spectrometer, high performance differentially pumped vacuum system and Hiden’s QIC, quartz inert capillary integrated into the Hiden ‘hot zone’ inlet with controlled by-pass pumping for rapid, continuous close-coupled catalyst sampling with minimal dead volume, memory effects for ms resolution. In addition, the microreactor module incorporates a fast response, low thermal mass furnace with integrated air-cooling as well as Hiden’s Catalyst Cartridge System for simple, reproducible sample placement with minimal changeover time as well as an in-bed thermocouple for optimal monitoring of catalyst temperature, reaction exotherms etc.

The CATLAB addresses all of the needs of the catalyst investigator and has been designed for the combined roles of catalyst characterisation via a range of dynamic temperature-programmed e.g. TPR / TPO / TPD, metal surface area (by N2O decomposition), acidic / basic site quantification and evaluation etc. as well as the rapid, reproducible screening of catalyst activity, without sample transfer, and under identical conditions. The CATLAB microreactor amodule is provided with seamless on-line, real-time mass spectrometric analysis with data acquisition and analysis via PC under the integrated MASsoft / CATLAB Windows software suite which provides for control of the microreactor temperature (ramp/set-point) and flow with the CATLAB20 flow control module.


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